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Lost Pet Tips

compressedlostpetspicThe important thing to remember is that your pet needs you. It can’t tell you where it is so please don’t give up after a day or two. We recommend that you keep looking for as long as two months if necessary.

Look Closest to Home First.

Set up a Temporary Outdoor Pet Comfort Station
Leave fresh food and water outside on a porch or in a sheltered area close to your home. Also set up a large cardboard box lined with an old towel or other item that smells familiar to your pet. If your lost pet should return while you are asleep or away from home, food and shelter may save its life. This is also an incentive for it to stay close by. Check the box and food supply regularly during quiet evening and early morning hours.

Check with your neighbors to see if they have seen the pet. Leave a notice if they are not home.

Look for Cats at Night
The best time to look for a lost cat is in the dark — between dusk and dawn — when streets are quiet. A lost and hiding cat will come out in the dark to look for food. Take a flashlight with you and search under parked cars, in yards and under bushes as well as in alleys

Ask neighborhood children; they get around and see everything going on in the area.

Ask your mail carrier if he/she saw the pet on their rounds.

Offer A Reward
People respond best if a reward is offered. Offer what you can afford – it’s not the size as much as the idea that seems to motivate.

Post “LOST” Signs
Place signs accurately describing your pet in grocery stores, on street posts, in laudromats.

Notify Humane Agencies
Visit all local animal shelters to look for your lost pet.

Place Ads in Newspapers
Place an ad in the newspaper and check the “Found Pets” section daily.

Call the veterinarians in your area, they often receive injured strays

Petsearchers Canada

You can find their Lost & Found Classifieds on their website:  Petsearchers Canada Classifieds  or on facebook:  Missing Pets in BC

Petsearchers also provide Pet Detective and Tracking Services