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Don’t forget to keep your toe beans clean and sanitized so we can be sharing the love our kitties have to offer sooner than later!

We would like to share this months featured story written by Frank. Please go to That Cat! to see more poems from previous months!

Septembers Featured Poem:

Just as God was about to commence creating Everything on that First
Day, His cat Simon gently swept his silky furred hips (at which were
located his scent glands, as well as at his cheeks) against God’s bared
ankles to get His undivided attention. Simon looked up into His eyes,
and He adoringly down into his.
Although they hadn’t yet agreed between themselves on whether
Simon was God’s pet or He his grand host or simply the twain were
very close companions, the fine feline was, is and always would be second only to Him.
“Before You do Your amazing
creative thing,” he said to God (via
his thoughts), “could You please for
me first create that ‘grooming brush’
idea You mentioned to me earlier?”
“Oh, yes,” replied He with a
smile, “that item. Here it is, my be-
loved little friend.” Holding it in His
hand, He slowly bent down onto one
knee next to Simon.
The cat had already flopped
himself down onto one side, as he
anticipated that God would always
create great things, and the brush’s
bristles had instantly looked mighty
good to the feline.
God slowly stroked Simon’s glistening coat with the bristles’
smooth rounded tips, which left His four-legged friend experiencing
immeasurable jubilation. The cat slowly closed his eyes, leisurely
stretching out first his feet, then his paws, and finally with his fingers
extending (seemingly all one at a time). Then, when God paused, the
purring Simon gradually opened his eyes and turned them sideways to
look up at his gracious ‘host’. God saw it was a good sign His first creation (aside from that which brought about beloved cat Simon, of
course) had received His pet’s nonverbal yet ecstatic approval.
As He reached again with the brush, the feline took the initiative by gently nudging his cheek forward into the massaging bristles,
his eyes squinted, almost smiling, in absolute pleasure. This action
was repeated, again and again and with greater enthusiasm, on his
cheeks and side of head, his purring getting louder and more pronounced. Simon lost himself in those blissful bristle strokes.
As they slowly slid across his cheeks, the bristles caused his facial muscles to slightly contract and by extension his whiskers to
adoringly move forward.
Smiling wide, God once more observed His little feline friend’s
endearing exultant response and knew the sensations felt quite right,
with Simon continuing to move each well-whiskered cheek this way
and that way to receive the most satisfying full brush stroke effect.
Simon was exhilarated by the bristles sliding along his furred
skin. And it wasn’t only on his cheeks; he also experienced ecstasy
when groomed on his back and sides, about the ears, under his chin
and down along the curve of his neck, and more. It seemed every part
of him—even his tail!—loved that grooming brush in motion. It was
heavenly, and he felt he couldn’t have cherished any other sensation
more than he did those brought about by the bristles. So much so, in
fact, that even a hint of drool became noticeable at the corner of his
seemingly smiling mouth.
Somewhat grinning, God
glanced at His cat to ask (though
rhetorically, of course, for He knew
the brush had performed its magic
exceedingly well), “What do you
think of my grooming creation, Simon?”
In turn, he, again laying on
his side, eyelids almost closed with
every part of him so relaxed, lifted his head slightly, just enough to
make sideways eye contact with his Maker and let his thoughts be unmistakably known: “Those brush bristles are truly a blessing … Yes,
my most hospitable host, Your creation is good—very good … Let’s
do this thing every day, shall we? … Oh, and please feel free to now
create that universe you also talked about.”

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