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Welcome to the Fraser Valley Humane Society!

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We are OPEN!                           Hours of Operation
Don’t forget to keep your toe beans clean and sanitized and your whiskers covered so we can be sharing the love our kitties have to offer sooner than later!

We would like to share this months featured story written by Frank. Please go to That Cat! to see more poems from previous months!

Januarys Featured Poem:

Ode: To Simon’s Drinking Problem
It’s clear dear cat you’ve had a water drink
For it hangs thick and low from your thin chin
As a large drop through which light rays glisten
Then a flicker of your tongue’s tip quite pink
Comes with a sway of your tail, its kink
So noticed like that water drop again
(And you without a little silk napkin)
Your habit’s one endearingly distinct.
Plus your drinking problem leaves us no stink
Like old food stuff or hard liquor like gin
And into a bad thing you didn’t sink
You’ve committed naught resembling a sin
Habits can still be dropped in an eye’s blink
While having you nears my mind’s medicine.


Upcoming Events:

Sending Pawsitive Vibes & Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year!
The kitties are excited to see everyone now that we’re open again! 
We had a successful #PawItForward campaign this year!
thank you everyone for their contributions

Photo calendar contest ended Aug 31st 2020, now available! please contact the shelter in how to get one of your own