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Welcome to the Fraser Valley Humane Society!

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We are OPEN!                           Hours of Operation
Don’t forget to keep your toe beans clean and sanitized so we can be sharing the love our kitties have to offer sooner than later!

We would like to share this months featured story written by Frank. Please go to That Cat! to see more poems from previous months!

Novembers Featured Poem:

And She Wanted Me
Up & Awake

She’d passed on and was gone yet
I cannot forget that fine feline’s
assertive though gentle paws tapping
on my lips one morning, having
climbed up gracefully onto my
raised shoulder, sitting herself
down. She was hungry and bored,
not feeling like waiting longer
than my usual rising hour of a
few minutes before or past five
in the morning: “Friend, friend,”
she’d murr, “please get up and
feed me—be with me, please …”
So, after a minute or two, I’d get
up and she’d murr as I opened
a can of lavish Fancy Feast
for her; she’d then rub her hips
(i.e., scent gland areas) against
my calves. I, letting the water run
cold for her drinking bowl, would
look down at her as she’d eat her
special cat food and related to her:
“What would I do without you …?”

Upcoming Events:

Photo calendar contest ended Aug 31st 2020, stay tuned for more information regarding the calendar

Purdys Chocolate Event is happening NOW!

Please contact the shelter for more information or send us an email. Deadline Nov 16th, Pickup available Nov 26th

We have an Online Auction happening on Facebook right now! Auction Ends Nov 14th 6pm
Facebook Fall Auction