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Would you like your family to experience the fun of kittens without adding to the already over population of unwanted cats? If you answer is yes, then fostering is the solution

The busiest time of the year at our shelter is kitten season. It usually runs from May to October and our small center just doesn’t have room for all the kittens that will come in. Many are orphaned, some need bottle feeding, others will come with their mom and more will already be eating solid food.

The age of the kittens when they in will determine how long we need them to stay in their foster home. At the FVHS we do not get kittens spayed or neutered until they are approximately 3 months old so usually keep them in the foster home until that time. It is important that any other pets in the home are up to date with their vaccinations.

If you are able to provide a loving, fun and interesting home environment where our kittens can be socialized to different people and animals, we’d like to talk to you. Please pop into our shelter and ask how you could become a foster family.