August 2017

July 2017

June 2017

“Kiki”, female, Miniature Pinscher, black and orange, Age: 2 months, location last seen: 7668 Cedar Street on June 24th.

“Zeke”, male, Golden Retriever, Cream, Age: 11 1/2 months, location last seen: 12th Avenue & 56th Street in Aldergrove on June 23. Has tattoo on belly, choker collar, about 95 lbs.

“Kaia”, female, German Shepherd, brown and black, Age: 7 months, locations last seen: 9104 Emiry Street on June 16.



“Congo”, Doberman and German Shepherd cross, male, big mole on belly, Age: 5 year.

May 2017

“Angel”, mini Schnauzer, female, grey with white, locations last seen: Gladys Avenue and Railway in Abbotsford.

“Twister”, male, Chines Crested Powederpuff, Black and White, Age: 12 years, location last seen: 8154 Caribou Street on May 25 at 12 pm. Has Collar.

“Lyla”, female, lost in Maple Ridge BC Chevron 216 & Dewdney Trunk Road on May 19.


April 2017

“Shelby”, female, Pitbull/Husky?Wolf, brown and tan with brindle, Age: 18 months, location last seen: Under north side of Cambie Sreet Bridge around 8:00 am, has tattoo, has a white 1 on her face golden eyes.a scar on her right ear. She has a red drawn on heart in felt..white dripped tall and she talks alot.



“Mac”, Male, Pit bull cross, Brown and Black, Age: 2 years, location last seen: 8282 Annis Rd on March 5th at 5:00 pm.

March 2017

“Shadow”, female, Toy Poodle, Black and Grey, Age: 15 years, location last seen: 10095 Hymar Drive in Chilliwack on March 17 at 4:30. Wearing a blue collar with rabies tag. Shadow is very friendly. She is blind in one eye and limited vision in the other and is hard of hearing. Her vet is at the Menzies veterinary hospital at the intersection of Menzies and Yale Rd in Chilliwack.  She is missed dearly and a reward for her safe return is being offered.




“Bella”, female, spayed, Shiztu, white, with brown, Age: 9 years, location last seen: Peacock and Castleman on March 1 in the am.

February 2017

Sandy PosterSandy2 Poster

“Jesse”, male, neutered, Vizsla, red and white on face, old, Age: 12 years, location last seen: Stave and Cherry on February 17th. Has microchip.

“Socks”, hound, male, neutered, black/brown/white, Age: 2 years, location last seen: Lake Errock around the 18th or 19th. Had Collar.

“Sydney”, pitball/lab x, male, neutered, Black, Age: 3 years, location last seen: Mission/Maple Ridge on February 2.

“Tyson And Riley”, Male, Staffordshire Terrier, Brown and White, Ages: 9 and 2 years, last seen February 1, have microchip. Missing in Agassiz last seen heading towards Seabird Island.


“Merle”, Male, German Shepherd x Husky Mix, black, Age: 4 years, location last seen: Eagle mountain /Bert Flinn trails on January 13th, Microchip: 982000362981753.


“Cotton”, Missing since Jan 14 2017 from Horsefly town center. We believe she has been stolen. Please know Cotton is greatly missed by us, our children and our other dogs including her puppy. Cotton is friendly. She just finished nursing when she disappeared and will have prominent nursing nipples. Cotton is not chipped. She was due to be spayed and chipped shortly after she was done nursing, Cotton cannot have more puppies successfully, she just had her last litter of 3. She is off-white in color and she has a medium/light brown nose. Cotton was wearing a thick leather collar with studs on it when she disappeared (predator protection collar).We are offering a $500 reward for her safe return or information leading to, no questions asked.


January 2017

“Kasja”, Newfie Cross, 75 pounds, female, spayed, Black with white crest on chest, feet, tail. Old grey around face, Age: 12 years, location last seen: Abbotsford Whatcom and Old Yale on January 23.

“Elja”, Malamute, female, Silver with blue eyes, Age: 12 years, location last seen: Dewdney Fall – Stave Lake Wrecking on January 24. Very friendly.

“Lou Lou”, Chihauhua, female, spayed, Black and tan, Age: 11 years, location last seen: Dewdney Trunk and Richards on January 18.

 “Toby”, Pomeranian, male, neutered, Tan color, Age: 7 years old, location last seen: Silverdale on January 13 around 6:00 pm. Has tattoo.

“Duke”, Tibetan Mastiff Lab Cross – missing since December 2016.

dukeDecember 2016

 “Ceasar”, male, Burmese Mountain Dog, Age: 2 years, Black and White, location last seen: Dale and Sylvester on Christmas morning.


“Cocoa”, black lab, female, spayed, Age: 10 months, very friendly, wearing a pink collar, no id on collar, farm dog, location last seen: Dewdney and Hawkins Pickle Road on December 27 at 11:00 am.

“Duke”, male, Tibetan Mastiff and Lab Cross, Brown and Black, Age: 13 months, location last seen: 252 & 60th Avenue in Langley on December 9 around 4:00 am. Registered with Langley Animal Control.

“Emmies” Pug, female, spayed, Fawn color, Age: 7 years, blind in one eye – murkey, 13 pounds, location last seen: Stave Lake Road and Farms on November 30 at 7:pm.

“Remi”, French Bulldog, male, neutered, Black and Brindle, Age: 4 years, location last seen: Cherry and Stave Lake on December 1 at around 11:30. Has microchip.

November 2016

“Ralph”, Male, Golden Retriever, not neutered, Age: 3 years, location last seen: Matsqui Flats, Riverside and Beaton on the afternoon of November 16.

October 2016

“Daisy”, We think our dog was taken by someone (possibly a family too) after she accidentally got lost on Sept. 4th from Kerrisdale. We have an SPCA / pound / police report, have hired pet detectives (still ongoing), were interviewed by CTV News and other online mags in hopes of reuniting our family, put up/handed out over 1000+ posters, have had over 10+ volunteers helping, and have received several sightings of a lost, tiny, fearful dog from Kerrisdale, to Marpole, to the Fraser to Knight Street area neighborhoods. By now, she could have been found and taken in by a person or family that think she’s cute and have decided to keep her. She could be anywhere in BC, especially if driven, so we’re asking all Vets and staff to please assist us with our case. Reward offered.


– Small / 5 lbs / tiny facial features

– Female / spayed

– 5 years / 8 months old
– Very slender body with long legs
– Shy / often barks at strangers if they try to touch her
– Was wearing a black body harness (but could be changed by now)


“Chewy”, Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier, 1 year, male, Age: 10 years old, location last seen: Shaughnessy and Wilson in Port Coquitlam.


“Karma”, female, Beagle, Tattoo.  Age: 9 years old. She is chipped.  Lost  along U.S border by  H St Rd Lynden, WA. Wearing a Seahawks Collar. Has a plate in front leg. Offering $200.00 reward. Missing since September 11.


September 2016

“Daisy”, Yorkie, female, spayed, microchip, black and silver, Age: 5 years 8 months, location last seen: Vancouver at southwest Marine Drive and Ewe on September 4.

“Sparky and Lilly: Sparky, male, German Shepard, Brown and Black, Age: 2 years, location last seen: 10544 Patterson Road near Dale Road and Farms Road on September 26 around 2:00 pm. Has microchip. Large dog with a slight limp. Very friendly. Lilly: female, German Shepherd, black, Age: 10 months. Probably with Sparky.


“Keiko”, Aussie doodle,  Age: 1 year, last known location: 96 Avenue and Glover Road in Langley, hit by car, very shy, extremely timid of strangers. Went missing September 17 at 7:30 pm.


“Prince”, male, neutered, big dog with brown and white spots, two different colored eye, Age: 7 years, location last seen: Dewdney Trunk Road and Cemetary on September 12. Has tattoo and wearing a blue collar with his name and phone number.


August 2016

“Rambo”, male, 1/2 German Shepherd and 1/2 Doberman. Not neutered, Black and Brown, Age: 1 year, location last seen: Keystone in the backyard at 8:30 am on August 23.

June 2016

“Pilot”, male, lab, White and Black, Age: 10, location last seen: Lower falls, Gold Creek, Golden Ears Park as he was swept away by rushing water around June 29 at 1:00 pm.

pilot (600x800) (480x640) (360x480) (206x275)

“Cooper”, lab/retriever/ chow – looks like a lab with a pink and black tongue, Male, neutered, Solid Black, Age: 9/10 years, location last seen: Sayers Lake Campground on June 20.

“Skully”,  Lab/Shepherd, female, spayed, black with white on chest, large, Age: 2 1/2 years, location last seen: Stave Falls, Dewdney, Rolly Lake on June 19 around noon. Has a tattoo and a John Deere green and yellow collar.


“Dexter”, male, dog, white with black patches, brown eyes.

“Ace”, German Shepherd, male, black and tan, location last seen: Stave Lake and Timberco on June 3.

“Humps”, Pitbull, black and white, Age: 10 years, location last seen: 7419 Columbia Street in Mission on June 1st. Has collar.

May 2016

“Mahem”, English Mastiff, beige, Age: 6 years, not neutered, location last seen: 280/96 Wonnock on May 25.


“?”, mini daschund, female, not spayed, brown and red, Age: 1.5 years, location last seen: Silverdale – gas stations/Lougheed on May 3.

April 2016

“Lauger”, pitbull cross, male, tan and black, Age: 7 years, location last seen: Chilliwack on April 4. Has microchip. Was on global news.

“K.O”, male, spaniel cross, white and brown, Age: 5 years, location last seen: dog park by rec center in Mission on April 24. Has heart shaped patch on his back. Very friendly.

“Khloe”, female, Yorkie Schanuzer cross, brown and black, Age: 4 years, location last seen: dog park by rec center in Mission on April 24. Very friendly and will go home with anyone.

“Mia”, female, golden retriever/lab cross, female, gold color, Age: 5 years, location last seen: Abbotsford Sandy Hill area on Easter Friday. Has tattoo and  microchip. Was wearing a pink collar with tage,

“Dexel”, male, miniature pincher, brown and black, Age: 5 years, location last seen: Melburn Drive and Best Avenue on April 5.

March 2016

“Ari”, male, neutered, German Shepherd, large, brown/black, Age: 4 years, location last seen: Sumas Way Abbotsford March 8.

“Jacky” Jack Russell/Fox Terrier, black and white, Age: 12, female, location last seen: Boothby Avenue on March 6. Has tattoo.


February 2016

 “Freddie” White Shepherd, male, neutered, Age: 8 1/2 years, location last seen: Dewdney Road on February 16. Has microchip.

January 2016

 “Gabby” lost near Hill Tout and Clearview in Abbotsford on January 25, 2016 at 6:00 am. Collie, sable/brown and white in color. She has bad vision, hard of hearing and needs daily medication. Has a collar with her name and phone number.

“Cheeco” Pom cross, male, neutered, Tan in color, location last seen: Badger Avenue on January 30 pm. Has microchip.

“Dayna”, Bernese Mountain/Tibetan Mastiff Mix, female, black and brown, DMH, location last seen: 240th and Lougheed Highway on January 31.

dayna“?”, Male – Poodle/Cross, male, neutered, sandy blonde – smaller dog, Age: 11-12 years, location see: Mission at Hillcrest & Wren Street on January 19. Tattoo #253 BKR.

December 2015

“Rex”,, Male – fixed, Beagle/Sheltie cross, White and Black, Age: 6, location last seen: North of Matsqui Village Abbotsford. Has tattoo.

“Peanut or Kimo”, rottweiler chow beige cross, male, brown, Age: 9, location last seen: 10330 Fernie Avenue in Deroche on December 18. He was abused by previous owners so may be scared and aggressive.

“Tazz”, male DLH, grey and black cat, Age: 12 months, location last seen: Bevan Avenue and Alta Avenue in Abbotsford on December 13.

“Beezy”, male siamese cross with tabby, grey and white, Age: 1 year, location last seen: Abbotsford at Harris Road and Gladwin on June 1.

“Marley“, cat, male, Grey tabby with black, Age: 5-6 years, location last seen: Maclure Road and Hazlewood. Hast tattoo AAYY 066.

“Skittles”, DLH, female, spayed cat, Brown tabby with white (possible Ragdoll, Age 4-5 years, last seen: December 1. Has tattoo.

“Casey”, husky cross, friends dog, gone for 1 year, big lump on shoulder, Age: 13 years, location last year: Hatzic Sylvester DAle Road on December 5.

November 2015

“Magnus” Male, Norwegian Elkhound, Grey and Black, Age: 3 years, location last seen: Hatzic lake area on November 25. Has tattoo.

“Voodoo”, male, Pomeranian, black, Age: 5, location last seen: Sumas Mountain on November 12. Balding on bum and chest. Has grey hair on chin.


“Tango”, female purebred beagle, Tri Colored, Partly deaf and has cancer, Age: 13, location last seen: Aldergrove 12B & 272 on November 11 – 10:00 am.

October 2015

“Stanley”, male labradoodle, brown, Age: 11, location last seen: 1645 Rodgers Road Qualicum Beach on September 18.


“Oscar”, male, neutered dog, Wheaton Terrier, hair is short, cream medium size, Age: 7 years, location last seen: 4th Stave Lake Street on October 22.

“Rufus” Dog, male, Chihuahu / German Shepherd Cross, black, Age: 3 years, location last seen: We were fishing in the Fraser River close to the Mission bridge on Friday October 16, 2015 at approximately 4 p.m. we had boat problems causing the boat to sink / flip – our dog Rufus was on the boat with us and when we finally got the boat flipped over he wasn’t there.


“Coco”, Yorkshire Terrier, female, spayed, Age: 6 years, location last seen: just off 232 Street opposite the Black Sheep Pub in Maple Ridge on October 15. Has microchip Number 98514000089933.


“Asia”, Pug, female, not spayed, fawn with dark face, Age: 7 years, location last seen: Cade Barr, between Knight Street and Best Avenue on October 6 at 1:00 pm, had red collar.

“Willow”, dog, female, spayed, Whippet, cream and black, Age: 4 years, location last seen: 272 Street Whonnock on October 6, has microchip.

September 2015

“Shadow” , male, 2 yr old boxer/McNab (short hair collie), tan and light tan colour with white tip on tail, location last seen: Olson Avenue and Clay on September 19. Has microchip.

“Duke”, dog, male, Yellow Lab, Age: 9 months, location last seen: Abbotsford BC Number 3 road at the yellow barn on September 12. Seen getting into a red 4×4.


“Jazz”, female, border collie, black and white, Age: 1 year, location last seen: Olson Avenue in Mission on September 19. Has microchip.

“Tyson”, male, yellow labrador, Age: 4 years, location last seen: August 29 wearing a red collar.

August 2015

“Kaiah”, dog, female, not fixed, Husky/Wolf, white with brown, heart on forehead, Age: 5 months, location last seen: Boxer Court, Bobcat and Best Avenue on August 25. Has pink collar.

“Mia”, female spayed dog, Golden, Age: 5 years, location last seen: 45380 McKinley Drive, Abbotsford on August 19. Microship, choke chain collar. Taken from yard.

March 2015

“Shelby”, female spayed dog, Bull Mastiff,  Brindle, Age 9 months, location last seen: Rolly Lake Area, Stave Falls on March 25. Has a tattoo and collar with information of owner.

“Neshi” Shepard cross, female, black and tan, long hair, Age: 11 years, location last seen: Lougheed Highway and Dewdney on March 21. Wearing a silver chain collar.


February 2015


“Mavis” Yorkie Poo, female, black and grey, Age: 1 3/4 almost 2, location last seen: Arbutus and Best on February 11 at 3:30.

“Kaedo”, Rottweiler, black and mahogany, has ONE EYE, Age: 1 1/2 years, location last seen: Maple Ridge on February 4.

December 2014

“Calie”, Calico, Brown and White, Age: 1.5 years, last seen: Starling Ave Sept 2014.

“Sadie”, Japanese Mastiff, Orange and white, Age: 8, location last seen: Carr Street in Mission on December 31. Has a microchip.

“Chilli”, Blue heeler x husky, Black and Brown, Age: 10, location last seen: 14th Avenue on December 31. Has a tattoo.

“Suchen”, Shih Tzu, Cream, Age 11, location last seen: Near Stave Lake St and Best Avenue on December 15.

“Rex”, yorkie, male, light brown, grey and black, Age 1 year, last seen: 116th & 96th Avenue Delta on December 15.

November 2014

‘Felly’   Black Labrador. Female 9 yrs old . Lost around Watkins Road ,Lake Errock ,B C. Has Tattoo in her ear.