JUNE 2017

“Cotton”, Grown lots of fur, found dirty and on streets, female, Lab?, white, Age: 6-10 years ?, found at: Abbotsford MEI School, found date: July 2nd, 2017 (Seen on road for 3 days before), Black leather collar with spikes, as described. I threw it out sadly, and bought her a new one. It was old and ripped.
“?”, Male, Shepherd Cross, black and brown, Age: 6-9 years, found at: Horne Street on June 4th. It’s Alive we have created a monster printed on the collar.

MAY 2017

“?”, Female, Grey, Age: Young, found at Mission on May 12 at 12 PM. Has collar.

MARCH 2017

“?”, male, DLH, Shepherd, found at Nottman and Egglestone.

“?” grey dog, older Staffi, male, was found on deck and wouldn’t leave. Older boy. Has spiked collar, if you know who the owner is, let’s get this poor boy home. Please call 778-808-8372. Found around Shaw Street on March 15.


“?” female, Lab/Rottie, black and brown, Age: 7 to 15 months, location found at: Highway 7 near Chehalis Indian Reserve on Sunday February 12 at 3:00.

“?” German Short haired Pointer, white and brown, found at: Heritage Park in Mission on February 11 at 5:30.

“?”, Dog, male, Border collie, black and white, found at: Dewdney and Harms on February 9 at 9:00 am. Has collar.


“?”, Dog, FV Tag #18599, male, Lab Cross, Brown and Black, found at Cedar Valley area on December 1st at 7:00 pm, has choke chain, calling pound for pick up.


“?”, two dogs, one male and one female, Retriever and Chesapeake, , Black, found running on the road on November 1 in Boston Bar on October 10 at 9:30 am. Have tattoo.


“?”, female, Retriever, Brown and Black, location found: Boston Bar be logging road on Oct 10 2016 9:30am
ID: Tattoo


“?”, Dog, female, Scottie – black, ears and tail cropped, Age: has some white hairs, found at: 32173 Scott Avenue on September 4th.


“?”, Dog, male, black and cream, found at: Tunbridge and Cedar on August 11 at 6:00 pm.

founddoggy (200x173)

JULY 2016

“?”, male, French Bulldog, White, location found at: 7th Ave and Stave Lake St. Mission BC on July 8 at 6:30pm. Has tattoo.

foundfrenchbulldog (236x275)

MAY 2016

“?”, two black pugs, male and female, location found: Kenswood Drive on May 20.

“?” Rotti Mix, brown and black, 60-80 lbs, no tail, has dew claws, location seen: Cedar Connector and Best and Cedar on March 26.

“?” Shepard Mix, grey, has dew claws, location seen: Cedar Connecter and Best and Cedar on March 26.

“?”, male, Springer Spaniel mix, white and brown, puppy, found at: Centennial Park in Mission on May 7. Tattoo begins with 115.

APRIL 2016

 “?”, female, older, chubby, chocolate lab?, found near the Deroche store. Has an ear tattoo but too hard to make out.



 “?”, female, black, found at 102nd Avenue Maple Ridge. Mission tag 4374.


“?”, male, not neutered, Shepherd and Bull Mastiff cross, black with cream and tan markings, found at: Harrison Mill Agassiz.



“?”, pitbull, female, Ferndale Road Mission BC

“?” female, pitbull cross, brown and black – brindle, Age: About 1 year, found at: 14th and Cedar, has a collar.

“?”, dog, female, black.


“?”, female, dog, medium to small, brindle, brown and orange, found at Lougheed Hwy at Haney Place.



“?”, female, retriever, cream and black, Age: Senior, found at: 31075 Dewdney Trunk Road on August 20 at 4:00 pm.

JUNE 2015

“Penny”, gray and black sheepdog?, found at: 32708 Tunbridge Avenue Mission, has collar.


 “?” Orange Pomeranian, found near 2nd Avenue near Mr. Pets. Senior dog.


– Black and Brown German Shepherd mix, collar, found at: 29947 Law Avenue in Mission on September 6 at 10’15 am.

– Black and white pitbull, black circle on eye, black spots, found at: 7141 Mershon Street in Mission at Arnold’s Rentals on September 5. wearing collar.